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New Euphrat exhibition brings color, life, community


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“Hass”, by Adon Alenziano asks questions such as “What does hope and kindness look like?” and “Is hope a function of struggle?”

Photo by: Matthew Fernandez 

McTate Stroman poses next to a portrait of himself and a portrait of De Anza alumi and mayor of Cupertino, Savita Vaidhyanathan, both painted by Kate CeCiccio.

Photo by: Matthew Fernandez

“Matrix of Chaos” by artist Tessie Barrera-Scharaga, an interactive art piece, invites the viewer to kneel and send prayers and learn more about making a difference.

Photo by: Matthew Fernandez


Matthew Fernandez

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Matthew Fernandez, Photo editor

Matthew Fernandez is a professional photography student at De Anza College. Fernandez started out as a freelance photographer and after two quarters, became part of La Voz editorial staff as photo editor in Fall 2016. Matthew is passionate about photography and enjoys the many different photographic genres. During his free time, Matthew works on his personal art series and walks the streets, photographing all sorts of life.

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