Movie night at De Anza “Lights Out”

Providing free tickets, boba and hot chocolate, the Diversity and Events Committee hosted a showing of “Lights Out” on De Anza College’s S Quad on Oct. 26 at 7 p.m..

Once the opening titles started, after a few delays and the showing of a student film, students had filled the lawn behind the library, sitting on and around a giant blue tarp laid over the grass.

Lawrence Liu, the Vice-Chair of the Diversity and Events Committee, was happy with the turnout. “People responded to our film, I think. They all liked it. I enjoyed it too.”

Only a few minutes into the movie, with no jump scares in sight, someone in the crowd yelled, causing laughter to ripple through the crowd. Genuine screams from the audience followed a few minutes later.

When asked if it felt strange to be on campus participating in a non-academic activity, Ramona Wang, 29, communication studies major, said, “No, it’s so relaxed.”

Wang said that she was drawn to the event by the promise of free boba.

Dmitry Grinenko, 23, kinesiology major, said that he came to the event because of the posters set up by the Diversity and Events Committee.

“My class ended and then I was thinking about going to yoga, but I thought that I would rather have a bit of happiness in my life, so I came here,” said Grinenko.

The film club faced some technical difficulties when trying to play the student film, a zombie comedy called “Dead Weight,” before “Lights Out.” Liu said that they did not export the right file.

Eventually, they solved the problem by holding a microphone up to their laptop. “It didn’t sound nice, but still, we got to play it,” said Liu.

        After about half an hour of the movie, the crowd began to gather around the table where the committee unpacked coolers of boba. The students were shooed away and told to sit down again.

        A few minutes later, a shout from behind the table pierced through the ambient horror sounds: “Boba!”

The mob rushed up from their seats and formed a line stretching halfway around the lawn.

        According to Liu, “college shouldn’t be a place where you just come to school and then go out.”

Ramona Wang heard many people say “that they want more events on campus.”

        Liu said that the next Diversity and Events Committee movie night will be in the Fall of 2018.