De Anza alum makes TV cable show based on Bay Area city called “Sunnyvaleans”2 min read


College education was important for former De Anza student, Misuk Park, who created a cable TV show based on the city of Sunnyvale. Park, who attended De Anza College, then transferred to UC Berkeley details her experience owning a cable access tv show.

According to Park, it was the practical real world application of this community college that really prepared her for the discipline of having a  TV show. “That’s part of the reason why college education is so important in the real world because it shows the rest of the world, hey, this guy knows how to follow through,”  explains Park.“Just the fact that you went through the rigor of signing up for the class and showing up and paying tuition and paying classes, all those things are logistical things. But when you’re a producer, when you’re doing your own tv show, well that’s basically what you’re doing. You have to follow the steps in order to get anything done,” said Park. “That’s like a life lesson,” Park continues as she recalls her educational journey . In De Anza, Park took a film class that began her interest in the media world.


This experience helped shape Park into being a self driven woman and weave through the local cable TV show media world. Being a current resident of the city of Sunnyvale, she saw the opportunity to create a community based TV show called “Sunnyvaleans” to present authentic information to the people of Sunnyvale from local events to politics, news, and even cultural background. “I try to present a very entertaining but informational show. So, if anybody is looking from a media point of view, you can study a real life example of how information can be disseminated through one single viewpoint,” Park said. Her show strives to provide reliable information which Park fact checks herself to uphold its credibility. According to Park, In order to have a successful TV show, you just have to put yourself out there. Sign up at your local TV station, try taking some classes, build a solid network of people, and keep developing experience.


“Sunnyvaleans” airs in Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Cupertino and Mountain View on KMVT Comcast channel 26 and AT&T U-Verse channel 99 on Mondays at 7:30 p.m and can be seen on the KMVT YouTube channel.

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