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Chuckie’s 5 fiercest things from the past two weeks 

  1. “Fargo,” FX’s anthology series has improved with each progressing season. Ewan McGregor plays twin brothers in this Minnesota based crime drama.
  2. Gorillaz “Humanz”– The long awaited return of Damon Albarn’s virtual band. The album is fresh, innovating and if you would like to read more check out Jasmin’s review.
  3. “American Gods” Based off Neil Gaiman popular mythology series. Show runners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green translated Gaiman’s novel into a cinematic masterpiece with both style and substance.
  4. “A Dark Song” First-time director Liam Gavin has crafted a truly atmospheric and eerie chamber-pot-horror film, with the use of striking visuals, a hypnotic soundtrack, and a poignant story of forgiveness.   
  5. “Dear White People”– Netflix’s new binge worthy show is poignant, funny and topical. Ignore the white lash, “Dear White People” is a must-watch for everyone, think an ethnically diverse “Mean Girls,” with a socially woke message.
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