De Anza Club Spotlight: Women Empowered

De Anza’s Women Empowered club is dedicated to providing students of all genders with a safe space to talk about social justice issues that affect women of color and other minority groups.

Founder and president of the club Bérénice Sylverain, English literature major, said, “Especially in today’s political climate, as women of color, we don’t have much space. We don’t have sort of a medium where we can have our voice heard.

The club is currently working on publishing a magazine called WokE, which is composed of student submissions ranging from essays, short stories, poetry, art, photography and more.

Women Empowered has also partnered with other social justice clubs such as Mecha and the Muslim Student Association to create support groups.

The club offers a space in which students can creatively work on projects and leadership roles that interest them.

Sylverain uses her role as president to be a facilitator of student’s projects and events, not necessarily to assign tasks. She applies for funding and advocates for students. “I did it because I knew there was someone who needed to be president and get the paperwork and everything going. But at the end of the day, it’s the members who make [the club].”

Meetings center around current events that directly affect De Anza students and club members. Topics have ranged from the presidential election, to the Muslim ban and to other current global issues.

“I try to gear the meetings towards the needs of the members,” Sylverain said. “I know that not all professors would want to discuss these things because they can be a bit political and push some buttons, but regardless of that I think it’s very important.

The club meets on Mondays from 4:30 to 5:30, at the Equity Office located in MLC 250.