Movie Review: “Logan” claws through enemies, heart

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“Logan” the final installments of the Wolverine franchise is an action packed, savage, movie that takes a darker twist to the usual comic book movies that has recently come out. The movie is dark and twisted in all the right way showing the heroes that we know and loves past their prime and nearing the end of their life while some other heroes are just coming into the spotlight. With Being the last Wolverine movie Hugh Jackman is acting in leaves the bar high which is surprising for Fox.

If this is your first time watching s Wolverine or X-men movie then some of the connections and subtle references might be missed but is still perfectly watchable.

The movies takes place in a near future setting near the Mexican border where Logan aka Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is older and ill having all his battle scars not healing as fast anymore and taking care of his friend/mentor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) as well as finding out he has a daughter named Laura aka X-23 (Dafne Keen).

Given that the movie is rated R it finally gets released from its PG shackles that has hindered past movies by Fox Marvel. The added action, violence, blood gives the movie the true feel of Wolverine and X-23.

The movie “Logan’ is the best X-men movie Fox Marvel has had both of its best comic book movies (“Deadpool”) being rated R. Maybe they finally mutated their movie formula perfectly and are now making the comic book movies they way they are meant to be, free from the PG rating shackles.

The only real problem I have with the movie is the obvious product placement but it is so well done that I can’t really complain. Who thinks that a old wheelchair bound mentally unstable old man could possibly be the best advertisement for taco bell placed in a comic book movie.

“Logan,” the latest installment to the Wolverine series is great having a good sense of acting and humor not to mention a great mix of father-daughter bonding makes this rated R movie the perfect example of what a comic book movie should and could be.