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Fanime takes over downtown

The League of Legends gather during Fanime.

Chris Padilla

The League of Legends gather during Fanime.

Chris Padilla, Staff Writer

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Plain clothes are a minority in a sea of costumes. FanimeCon was in full swing.

I was home.

FanimeCon is an annual convention that celebrates all things geeky, including video games, anime, movies, board games, fashion and more.

Over four days, a good chunk of Downtown San Jose, including the San Jose Convention Center, City National Civic and Parkside Hall, becomes host to many events.

While one could simply gawk and take pictures of the amazing cosplays (costume play) ubiquitous to any anime convention, there is much more to do at Fanime.

MusicFest is a concert usually featuring a Japanese act.

This year, Home Made Kazoku, who have done opening and ending themes for hit anime shows like “Bleach” and “Naruto,” performed at the City National Civic. Indo-Canadian singer Raj Ramayya also performed.

The Cosplay Spectacular is where fans sing, dance and perform skits on stage dressed as their favorite anime and video game characters.

There is also the Black & White Ball held at Parkside Hall, where attendees come to dance in formal wear, including formal versions of their favorite characters’ outfits.

Those are only the major events. There are a myriad of panels, cosplay gatherings, tournaments, workshops and contests. And screenings of anime and Asian films played through the night into the next day.

There isn’t a minute where nothing is going on.

If the main event doesn’t seem intriguing, there’s always the gaming room, which consists of arcade, PC, console and tabletop games. The doors don’t close until the convention ends.

Fanime is like another world, not only of endless fun, but also of kindness and civility perhaps brought on by being surrounded by kindred spirits.

Eventually, Fanime does end, and it always seems to end too soon.

The magic fades, the doors close and the sun sets on the four-day event.

While it’s sorely missed by the attendees, the wonderful memories made there last forever, or at least until the next Fanime.

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