DA Voices: How are rising prices affecting you?

Georgina Munoz-Villanueva, Reporter

Back in the days of print, “DA Voices” used to be a section where the De Anza community’s voice was spotlighted. La Voz reporters would ask the same question to different people and arrange their quotes side by side so that readers could see varying points of view. This week, our reporter Georgina Munoz-Villanueva asked, “How are rising prices affecting you?”

Quotes have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. 



Sparsh Bhatt, 20, business administration major (Georgina Munoz-Villanueva)


“My main concern is gas. I’m used to making a lot of road trips in my car and due to the rising gas prices, I would have to go out less. I’m also using my car less frequently in general.”



Darren Tan, 20, political science major (Georgina Munoz-Villanueva)


“I’m a delivery driver and I use my own vehicle to do those deliveries. So, I have to pay for my own gas and spend a lot more on it than I used to. Then, there’s also groceries which I’ve been noticing where prices have been increasing for most common and essential items.”



Gillean Lacanienta,19, nursing major (Georgina Munoz-Villanueva)


“The rising gas prices haven’t really affected me. In terms of school, I walk, but I really like late-night drives and I have to stop doing that now and limit my driving.”



Aminullah Faramarz, 19, journalism major (Georgina Munoz-Villanueva)


“I think the rising prices will affect regular people like me. My family and I moved from a war-torn country that struggled with poverty, and we’re just trying to make a new life here. From experience, I know that rising prices can lead to instability and I know it will hurt.”



Sabrina Solligue, 18, medical assisting major (Georgina Munoz-Villanueva)


“Regarding the rising prices, it does affect me even though I don’t drive. I only work for two days a week and what I get from my job is minimum wage. So, it really is difficult to go out. It also affects my family since both my dad and brother, as they drive for work, so now they have to get extra hours in order to cover gas and groceries.”