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Covering the Election

Byranna Corsby, Political Science Major

November 20, 2016

Editor: I appreciate La Voz’s coverage on the presidential election and how it is a major cause of stress. It indeed has become a huge factor in the lives of immigrants and people of color. I’d like to express how appreciative I am that La Voz took the time to address what we can do to create pos...

How white supremacy won the presidency

Cynthia Kaufman, Director Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action

November 20, 2016

Editor: Ever since last Tuesday I, and most people I know, have felt shattered. It is a blow to our common humanity that someone who expressed such hatred toward so many of us could have won the presidency. What was the most striking to me was how overwhelmingly white voters, including white women, vot...

Class of ’16: Go forth and never stop learning!

Anna Callahan, Former student

June 14, 2016

On June 5, 2016, I was surrounded by a pile of glossy campaign brochures, a voter’s guide, my laptop (for fact checking) and my absentee ballot. As I painstakingly determined the candidates I was selecting and the measures I was supporting or opposing, I considered what made me the dedicated voter...

Gender fluidity: The meaning and more

Gender fluidity: The meaning and more

Anthony Deamant, Maria Thalia Stefana, Mayo Suzuki, Tomoka Narita, Antonia Goessmann

June 12, 2016

What does it mean to be gender fluid? To be gender fluid means that one's gender can vary over time. However being gender fluid has nothing to do with the genitalia one has, or their sexual orientation but rather deals with the psychological state of the person at any given moment. It can be classified...

Letters to the editor: Students need to grow up

Scott Peterson, Math Instructor, De Anza College

February 16, 2016

The recent article about De Anza students calling for “hate speech” restrictions is just another in a troubling series of events, starting with Missouri students and faculty trying to prevent journalists from covering their events to Yale students signing a petition to abolish the First Amendment (t...

Letters to the editor: Anti petition opinion writer should resign

Marquis Dru Johnson, Co-founder of Inclusability & the De Anza Green Party

February 16, 2016

The use of the bullying hate word “moronic” in the title and language used in the opinion piece by no less than the managing editor and bully-in-chief Jay Serrano, is so unprofessional and irresponsible that I call upon the De Anza community to demand Serrano resign his position. It’s shocking...

All-gender restrooms: No thanks

Ron Kleinman, De Anza employee

December 11, 2015

Regarding the front page opinion piece “All-gender restrooms: Why not?” by Duane Soubirous in the Nov. 16 issue of La Voz: It was not surprising to me that this article was written by a male student. I was particularly struck by the phrase “I enjoyed the ability to hold a conversation with my...

International students need competitive campus jobs

Cassandra Lim

December 11, 2015

I am writing to express my concerns about limited job opportunities for international students at De Anza College. I am a De Anza international student and I really enjoy the way things work here in the school environment. International students are restricted to on-campus employment and are not permitted to wor...

Texas takes second amendment too far

Texas takes second amendment too far

Brian F. Rose

June 19, 2015

Dear Editor, I agree with your editorial on the new Texas Gun Law. As a liberal Republican I am appalled that the legislature would pass and the governor would sign into law a bill allowing a person to carry a concealed handgun on to the University of Texas campus. Are they out of their minds? The last thing I want is for someone other then a trained peace office...

A call for political action against Bill Cosby when he speaks at Flint

Gary Wesley, 62, La Voz Weekly Reader

February 18, 2015

Dear Editor, I see online that Bill Cosby is now scheduled to appear at the Flint Center on Sunday, June 7. Cosby has been accused of drugging and attacking girls and women for decades (1965-2008 so far). While it may be too late to criminally prosecute or civilly sue Cosby, why would community...