Only die-hard “cinnaholics” will like the sweet treats Cinnaholic offers


Carolyn Brown

Tropical Bliss cinnamon roll

The vegan bakery Cinnaholic in downtown San Jose serves an array of delicious-sounding desserts, but they fell short of being worth trying.

Though Cinnaholic is a vegan bakery, there is almost no indication of it in store. Veganism is not mentioned on the menu nor in any of the window signs.

Although Cinnaholic offers a variety of flavored frostings and toppings on their cinnamon rolls, it is best to skip getting any topping. Each large cinnamon roll is in the $7 to $8 range.

The cinnamon rolls are freshly baked throughout the day, filling the store with a wonderful smell. The filling is sweet and cinnamony, acting as a great counterbalance to the breadiness of the bun.

While the texture is passable, both the regular and raspberry frosting had a strange, overpowering, artificial butter flavor.

Cinnaholic’s chocolate chip cookie dough was a safe and tasty way to indulge yourself. Served both by the scoop and tub, only this dessert is worth picking up.

The cookies and cream dairy-free milkshake also had a good flavor and texture. But this was overshadowed by the almost $10 price tag.

Cinnaholic is a mediocre choice, if you are in Downtown San Jose and looking for a sweet vegan treat.

3 out of 5 stars