Students pursue hobbies and activities to improve their mental health during the pandemic


Teddy Ha

Illustration: Student hobbies and activities to improve mental health

What are students’ hobbies and activities that help improve their mental health during the pandemic?
As the pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyday life, students have adapted with leisure activities to support their mental health.

Marjorie Libran, 25, English major, said that the pandemic made her life more difficult as her schedule became packed with school and work.

“I had a hard time taking care of my mental health since the pandemic started,” Libran said. “So I tried to meditate every day for 10 minutes and it helped.”

Libran said that she is also talking with a De Anza College psychology counselor who has helped reduce her mental stress.

Yuanzhe Tong, 20, child development major, said that going back to Canada to his parents last spring was the best decision that he made. He added that he felt more relaxed and safe.

“I have more time in the morning to take care of my personal and family stuff since there is a four hour time difference,” Tong said. “I usually go out, come back around time before class starts and I enjoy dinner with my family in the evening.”

Tong said that he has also played video games with his friends to keep contact and help reduce stress.

Rachel Borg, 29, environmental studies major, said gardening has been her solution for stress relief.

“I enjoyed being outdoors, but since the pandemic started I could not go hiking like I used to,” Borg said. “That is why I created a little garden outside of my apartment.”

Borg said she has enjoyed her own garden-to-table routine of producing her own vegetables.

Although school and work are online, students can still care for their mental health with a short walk around the neighborhood.