A fun steamy romance: why you should watch “Bridgerton”


Photo courtesy of Netflix

The Netflix original series “Bridgerton” has intrigued its audience through its steamy romance and scandalous twists, leaving viewers begging for more.

A whole lot happened within those eight episodes. Each episode has you at the edge of your bed, trying to unravel what you just witnessed. Once I started, I couldn’t shut it off.

The 1800s love story starts off with Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor), who is thrown into a marriage market and meets the uncommitting Duke Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page). They are forced to marry each other.

Despite all the anger and disagreements, the love between these two is undeniable and plays out in a complex way.

The story also develops a rich background for the rest of the Bridgerton family, like Daphne’s sister Eloise, who is bored by the idea of marriage and yearns for a life of independence. Along with the Bridgertons, the fraught Featherington family also plays a major role in the show.

Each episode is so addictive that you’ll be wanting more of the scandalous drama, petty backstabbing, unexpected mysteries and plenty of steamy romance. I do warn you, though, that this series is not for you if nudity or sex scenes make you uncomfortable.

For me, I was instantly hooked because of the romantic storyline that constantly put me in my feelings and the creativity behind the characters’ intriguing personalities and glamorous costumes.

The series also did an exceptional job of including diversity throughout the film, as the main characters are in an interracial relationship. I was definitely pleased with the many different ethnicities being portrayed within this film, especially seeing a duke and queen of color.

I loved every minute of the show and can’t wait for the next.

“Bridgerton” is by far my newest obsession and I will continue to rave about it to everyone I know.

Rating: 5 stars