Women’s soccer shut out MPC1 min read


Supreet Singh

Freshman Victoria Ramirez (7) receives a pass from a fellow teammate during the game Friday, Oct. 11.

Le Wei, Staff Writer

De Anza College women’s soccer team ended the Friday, Oct. 11 game at the De Anza soccer field with a score of 3-0, winning over Monterey Peninsula College.

During the opening minutes, De Anza made frequent attempts to kick the ball into the goal, but the balls were not able to cross the goal-line.

Monterey Peninsula’s goalkeeper was able to keep out the ongoing attacks from De Anza, but not for long.

Later in the first half, De Anza scored the first point with a shot from freshman Celena Vasquez, with an assist from freshman Nancy Villa-Gonzalez.

Monterey Peninsula team tried to counter by crossing through De Anza’s defense and tried to kick the ball on goal, but De Anza intercepted.

De Anza scored again with a goal from freshmen Alejandra Gutierrez within minutes of the first.

Vasquez scored the third goal when Monterey Peninsula’s goalkeeper jumped and tried to catch the ball, but lost it from her grasp. The ball slowly rolled into the net for De Anza’s third and final goal.

“De Anza is really good at teamwork. Monterey Peninsula team needs to improve their team cooperation,” said spectator Sarah Wang, music technology major at Foothill College.

During the second quarter, both teams did not score any goals. Either the ball would be intercepted in front of goal, or they would kick the ball over the crossbar and out of play.

“It was a good game. Our team is great at team commitment but weak at team speed matches,” said Cheryle Owiesny, coach of De Anza women’s soccer.