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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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Better food choices in a junk-food society

Making food choices has never been easier
Claire Johnson
GUILT CONSCIENCE – Claire Johnson said she regrets it every time she eats junk food.

Father of medicine Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.) wrote, “Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food,” but modern society offers many conveniences, from the pop-up toaster to devices that help people to plan their lives. With this new-found form of instant gratification evolved a new phenomenon: fast and convenient food. 

“For our students, eating healthier is very beneficial because it will improve their ability to sleep better, which helps them think clearly. A healthy diet provides natural energy, unlike those energy booster’s drinks that are bad for you,” said Kris MacCubbin, a Health Services assistant at De Anza College. 

But, students have their own reasons for eating healthy. “I choose to eat healthier foods because I know what the government is doing to our food, and I don’t like it,” said chemical biology major Ziad Ahmed. 

“I’ll eat healthy most of the week, then give myself a break and eat bad food. I can feel the difference in my body right away. I use the bathroom more when I eat bad food,” said Ahmed. 

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Some students seem to struggle with the idea of consistently eating the right foods. Psychology major Claire Johnson said, “I tend to eat fast food more because it’s so convenient, but I wish there were more healthier choices around when I only have a few minutes for lunch or break.” She said she often regrets eating junk food by the end of the day, but enjoys the natural energy she gets when she eats healthy food. 

“I almost tried that 5-Hour Energy drink, but it smelled really gross,” said Johnson.  

Still, most Americans are eating on the run, compensating for hectic work and school schedules. More and more food comes to us via the microwave and drive-thru windows. So where can people find reasonably priced and healthier alternatives to the junk food?    

“FoodSmart,” a free app recently launched by Silicon Valley’s wHealthy Solutions can help de-mystify the process of reading food labels, according to the company’s marketing director Joanne Sperans. They offer a free app for iPhone and Android platforms.

“We designed the app so that shoppers can compare products quickly and make better and healthier choices,” said Sperans.

Many people are apprehensive when it comes to actively seeking and purchasing foods that can extend mortality and add quality to life. The usual response is “it cost too much, or I don’t have time.” But if the “food as medicine” approach is applied, Americans would save money and spend less time being sick.

wHEALTHY SOLUTIONS – Marketing director Joanne Sperans explained the company’s new app to La Voz. (Dorothy Holford)

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