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Upstanding Citizens Take a Knee

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Upstanding Citizens Take a Knee


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Kids idolize Stephen Curry as a basketball player and Colin Kaepernick almost won a Super Bowl, but now we should admire them in their new and more important walks away from sports.

Fans should seek to follow in their footsteps for being unafraid to speak for a more important cause in the face of prejudice and intimidation.

In August 2016, former San Francisco star quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the national anthem protests quietly. He protested so peacefully that the first two games went unnoticed. When he garnered attention he said, “I’m seeing things happen to people that don’t have a voice, people that don’t have a platform to talk.”

Players have made it clear they mean no disrespect to the military using the anthem for their protest, but tension around the demonstrations have made it a national concern: one side kneeling for social justice, the other focusing on respect for the military and patriotism.

In week three of this NFL season, over 200 players participated in kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice against black people in the United States. In response to heightened player participation, Donald Trump said to team owners, “Get that son of a bitch off the field… he’s fired. He’s fired!” Twice forhis emphasis, NFL players should not be free to gather in peaceful protest.

Fan-favorite Warrior Steph Curry did not want to visit the White House occupied by Donald Trump. Trump uninvited the champion via Twitter and Steph said, “It’s kind of beneath the leader of our country to go that route. That’s not what leaders do.” When the team visits Washington they plan to “celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion.”

If a De Anza student was given the invitation in his place our voice would make headlines. In the Bay, friends catch themselves before referring to Trump as President. Secession makes sense to a population living differently than the rest of our country.

Westward expansion lead to the Bay Area, now the epicenter of technological advancement, meaning real influence and wealth. We make the best of equality, diversity and inclusion.

The louder the Bay is against Trump, the more our influence will shine through his. We naturally meet at social polarity and can be an example of development for those who look to Trump for positive change.

A De Anza student would rather celebrate with the Warriors again, but in our capital they will be focused on a national movement they recognize as more important than their expiring careers. Our perspective when explained is powerful, the paranoia in the opposition is clear, and Donald Trump has zero control over the Bay Area.

When Trump speaks to supporters he rambles and incites fear in half a country with lack of understanding, share the clarity of the Bay Area.

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