DASB Senate searches for revenue drop solutions2 min read


Ana Acosta

Senator Tal Globus, 20, computer science major, discusses potential ways to increase the DASB budget during the March 24 meeting.

DASB Senators will likely create an ad-hoc committee after discussing ways to increase revenue on Wednesday, March 24. DASB withdrew $55,000 from the reserve fund to balance the 2016-2017 budget.

The DASB budget is currently losing revenue due to low enrollment at De Anza, a problem that Senator Ruby Khan said left many club representatives “visibly upset…and (feeling) underrepresented” after finance committee chair Amanda Le, 20, business administration major, had to deny many of their requests to fund food for their clubs.

DASB Advisor John Cognetta suggested increasing activity fees, which Senator Tal Globus, 20, computer science major, rejected because each student would have to pay more money.

Globus suggested increasing movie ticket sales, but Cognetta said this would entail buying more movie tickets, so profits would be small if they sell.

Globus also suggested finding a way to increase the profits made from the flea market.

Eddie Cisneros, 23, public health major and a flea market coordinator, suggested asking the police department for 25 cents of each dollar profit they make from flea market parking, which Cognetta said would be unlikely since the police department is funded by those parking tickets and therefore needs that money.

Suggestions ranged from increasing vendors to increasing flea market parking fees. Only a couple senators raised their hands when Cognetta asked how many of them had been to the flea market before.

Le said the budget is currently divided between the Inter Club Council, the Office of Equity, academic tutorial, athletics, Marine Biology field trips, and the Student Representation Fee.

“What I’m hoping for is to encourage fundraising activities,” said Le, who encourages clubs to become more independent by raising their own extra funds. “That way, not everyone has to rely on the student government because I feel that it (funding clubs) is declining the budget and I really don’t want to cut programs.”

Five senators committed to Cognetta’s suggestion to hold a conflict resolution workshop to avoid problems that were run into by last year’s senate. The workshop will likely not be held unless more senators commit.

Senator Raphael Villagarcia, 19, political science major, announced that there will be elections held for open senate positions.

Senator Emily Katsuta, Chair of the Environmental Sustainability committee, was removed from office due to unmet credit requirements.

Senator Ahmad Ali-Ahmad and Senator Indu Kundam opened a discussion for possible solutions to the senate office’s untidy conditions.

“I don’t think any negative reinforcement or sign up sheet is necessary,” said Student Trustee Elias Kamal, who suggested the senators completely clean and reorganize the senator’s office all at once. “This isn’t preschool, we’re adults.”