Music plays pivotal role in De Anza students’ lives

Students at De Anza College listen to music for both motivational and therapeutic purposes while working from home. They said it boosts their happiness and reduces stress, while classical music increases their productivity.

For some students, music acts as a companion.

“I can be busy with homework or preparing for exams (and) I can listen to music to calm myself down,” said Charlaine Jo, 18, business major. “If I am bored and want to pass time, I can listen to music and I wouldn’t feel how fast time passes.”

For business administration major Chris Garcia, listening to music has improved his ability to concentrate.

“In most of my study sessions, I end up either listening to a podcast or blasting my playlist,” the 20-year-old said. “For me, it gives me a sense of motivation and focus, and it is the reason I’ve made it this far into my education.”

Jo said she listens to classical music while doing assignments that require great concentration.

Music also improves emotional and mental well-being, others find.

“It’s definitely beneficial because (music) helps ease your emotions and makes you happy, especially when you listen to music you like or music you used to listen to as a child,” said Aiden Quzai, 19, business and data science major. “If it’s softer music, I can focus better and it’s more therapeutic.”
Computer science major Manuel Moya, 18, said that music is a constant presence in his life, whether while working out to Drake’s “Jumpman” at the gym or studying with the company of Chopin’s nocturnes.

“As I got older, I understood the power of music,” Moya said. “It has the ability to make you feel comfortable and connect with others.”