Pop Music Club invites everyone to share their music

De Anza’s loudest club, the Pop Music club, is always seeking members, forming bands and planning concerts. If you like to sing, play an instrument or just appreciate music, members meet almost every week to play.

Their next performance will be Feb. 17 at San Jose State University after being invited by the Chinese Student Union for their spring festival.

At Club Day on Jan. 25, two members covered “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz while playing electric guitar and keyboard. Continuing with the pop theme, vice president Victoria Duan, 20, computer science major has performed “IDGAF” by Dua Lipa.

The club does not only perform pop music: “we like to share different types of music: rock and roll, classical and pop … welcome to the pop music club, let’s chill here,” said club president Jerry Liu, 21, communications major.

The club has also embraced hip hop. Duan has rapped Kendrick Lamar’s popular “Backseat Freestyle shocking listeners delivering lines like “All my life I want money and power, respect my mind or die from lead shower.”

Spokesperson and backup singer Tomo Sabin, 20, film major described the club as “young people who love music, love to have fun, love friends. We’re just having a good time and trying to get better, share the good vibe.”

Since its founding in 2017, the club has maintained approximately 30 members, but they are encouraging of new people joining and forming their own bands. Often they will approach karaoke singers to join the club.

An on-campus concert is being planned for the end of this quarter- expect drums, keyboard, bass, two guitars and multiple singers. See them perform to understand the joy brought to members by music, and the bonds formed by shared passion.

“I can feel like I’m cured by music, whenever I’m singing I feel like I’m inspiring other people … when you’re on stage you feel like all of you guys are one, you’re not just yourself anymore,” said Duan, who sings lead vocals, “sing your thoughts like a poem … you can find yourself in those lyrics.”


Interested in joining the Pop Music Club?

Facebook: @DAPopMusicClub

Wechat: PopMusicClub

Email: [email protected]

First club meeting:  Feb. 16, 11-12:30 p.m. at Student Chamber