App Review: NPR Music1 min read

App Review: NPR Music

Katie Phan, Staff Writer

Instead of living on of a digital diet of gaming, productivity or social networking apps, I spend most of my smart phone usage with headphones glued to my ears, listening to music.

More than half of my phone capacity is devoted to music and audio apps, and one of the apps I use daily is the free National Public Radio music app.

The NPR Music provides access to multimedia music content from member stations.

Users can preview full albums, read and listen to reviews, watch interviews and live performances or stream hundreds of nationwide public radio stations.

The app has a simple interface where users can browse content by latest uploaded, artist, genre, NPR Music program (popular programs include All Songs Considered or World Café) or NPR Music blog.

My favorite features of the app are the abilities to bookmark radio stations and create playlists.

Users can edit their playlists by adding audio, reordering content and deleting items off their playlists. Users can also share their discoveries via Twitter, Facebook and email or enjoy other apps while NPR Music runs in the background.

Other features include documentaries and adding events to your calendar. You can also download the NPR news app to read news articles and watch broadcasts.

The NPR Music app is available on iPhones and Androids.

For those seeking NPR’s editorial prowess, NPR Music is an essential addition to their app collection.

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