Pikmin Bloom: A fun concept, but difficult for non-gamers


Source: pikminbloom.com

If one is not a gamer, they may think they are going to experience a simple, run-of-the-mill, step-counting, distance/time-monitoring app. But nothing could be further from the experience of “Pikmin Bloom.”

“Pikmin Bloom” is a video game with a caricature representing the user and some cutesy little creatures, flower pots, plants and pleasant, albeit, repetitive “music” constantly playing in the background.

This spin-off in the Pikmin series is a Niantic and Nintendo collaboration, debuting on Pikmin’s 20th anniversary.
To score points, the player must somehow plant flowers, although it’s difficult to figure out how to do this. There are no real, clear “go” or “send” clicks. Just clicking around, it is possible to eventually, inadvertently plant some of those flowers.

Somehow, through much random clicking around, the Fitbit app did get installed and apparently began interacting with Pikmin Bloom because footprints could be tracked throughout any given day that the app is on, so that seems to be a good thing.

“You’re going too fast!” Pikmin Bloom will tell you, recording when you’re in a car, either driving or as a passenger. Sometimes, it will even tell you you’re going too fast when you’re just standing still.

It tells you to stay out of dangerous places when playing, to “be aware of your surroundings,” and asks you “How was your day?” These kinds of reminders and inquiries into the day make the user feel nice and want to keep playing.

“Pikmin Bloom” is not easily mastered by non-gamers and might not be what you’re looking for as a fitness aid.

Rating: 3 out of 5.