Women’s power shines through poor acting in “Moxie”


Photo courtesy of Netflix

The Netflix movie “Moxie” grabs you with confidence despite its flawed performances, letting you know that women matter too.

This film follows the main character Vivian (Hadley Robinson) who keeps her head down until she meets the confident and outspoken new girl in school, Lucy (Alycia Pascual-Pena).

After Lucy speaks up about getting harassed by the popular jock Mitchell (Patrick Schwarzenegger), Vivian also steps up and takes matters into her own hands.She anonymously creates the feminist magazine, “Moxie,” calling out sexism in her school.

The movie becomes a channel through which women speak out. They defy the sexist rules created by the school system and tell their audience to do the same.

A scene that touched home was all of the girls wearing tank tops to school, showing support to all who were sent home for “showing too much skin.”

I know the frustrations of feeling like the school dress codes focus more on preventing girls from showing their body, while boys can wear tank tops and shorts without problem. This scene spoke volumes for me, representing women in such a powerful and uplifting way.

The creators of this film made sure to highlight the diversity of different races and sexualities, empowering every individual within the film.

But the mediocre acting undermined the message. The actors delivered lines in a forced way, not flowing as naturally as I would have liked to see.

The plot was predictable — the main character wanted to start a revolution and everything ended up as you would expect from such a story.

Still, the message and meaning behind the film inspired me. One of my favorite scenes was when all of the girls in the school left class and formed a rally, united in discussing their feelings and past traumas.

If you’re a true feminist, “Moxie” is a good watch.

Rating: 3.5 stars