Best 4 action movies to watch in quarantine

If you have been looking for the time to sit down and watch something new, quarantine is the best time to grab some popcorn and snuggle up to see great movies.

Here are four action movies to stream from home.



Baby Driver, 2017

Written and directed by Edgar Wright, “Baby Driver” is a masterpiece of a movie that follows a young gifted driver named Baby, who has gotten wrapped up in the wrong side of crime and must get out.

Due to a crash at a young age Baby got tinnitus that causes constant ringing in his ear when he is not listening to music.

With non-stop action from start to end, a romance to get invested in, and outstanding music, this movie is a must-see.






Inception, 2010

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, “Inception” takes an overused heist movie concept and leaves you questioning your own reality.

Dom Cobb finds a way to enter people’s dreams to steal, implant ideas, and information from a person’s subconsciousness. On the run from the government, he must take on a near-impossible job to get back to his family.

With a phenomenal cast including Leonardo Dicaprio as the lead and mind-bending action, it is a picture that movie-lovers dream of.




John Wick Series 1-3

One of the greatest trilogies in action movie history, Keanu Reeves trained for months to perform his own stunts to make the fighting look as real as possible.

Being one of the most feared assassins, John Wick is forced to avenge his fallen wife throughout the series until he breaks code and has to go on the run.

With an incredible cast and world-building that is one of the best ever seen in an action movie franchise, it is a series all action lovers should watch.




Upgrade, 2018

One of the most underrated action movies of the modern era, “Upgrade” takes place in a dystopian world.

The story follows Grey Trace, a mechanic that gets into an accident that leaves him paraplegic until a scientist inserts a chip into his brain that allows him to walk and get revenge for the people responsible.

Despite having a $3 million budget, Director Leigh Whannel managed to give us an action movie with a finale that will leave your jaw on the ground.