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Finals can be a horrifying experience for students who don’t properly prepare or know where or even how to study.

With all of the distractions in today’s world, a student’s life consists of social and academic pressures.

Finals are crucial and can easily make or break a grade for an important class, so students must make a lasting impression.

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Here are a few ways to help ease the studying process and allow you to use your time efficiently when studying.


Get OFF the Internet.

From constant Twitter updates to Facebook’s instant messages, social media can take hours away from efficient study time.

Facebook and other social media platforms have their own perks and are great ways to connect with friends with family, but when finals week comes around, it’s better to disconnect yourself  from them and focus on the books instead.

Though useful in its powers to look up information on anything and to connect with friends virtually, the Internet can easily capture anyone’s short attention span and take away many hours of useful study time.

Even though some people argue that the Internet is a necessity to studying, most of what you study should be covered in textbooks, your notes or another places that don’t require Internet access.

Getting off the Internet will help you resist the temptation to distract yourself by browsing online.


Brainstorm possible test questions.


By brainstorming what the final will cover, a student can easily break down what is already known and what needs to be learned.

Brainstorming requires students to go over their notes to figure out what might be tested.

With material varying from easy to hard, the student can determine what he or she needs to focus on more and spend his or her study time accordingly.

Use that time to focus on material that may take longer to learn, and use the weeks before the final exam to strategically lay out your study plan.

If you find yourself pressed for time, study only what you already know so that you are sure you understand those concepts very well on exam day.

It is better to get a solid understanding of a couple topics than to only know a little bit of every topic.


Be confident.

Being confident simply addresses a student’s mentality in preparation for taking the test.

Everyone has his or her strong and weak subjects, but just because a certain subject may be your weak subject, it does not necessarily mean you should give up by blaming the subject.

Having confidence is one thing, but having the right confidence is another.  Assuming that a student has set aside to study and has put a considerable amount of effort into studying, he or she should feel better prepared going into the final than someone who did not study at all.

Having the right confidence boost can allow students to feel confident in their answers and not second guess themselves when answering questions.

But unfortunately,  many well-prepared students are actually very fragile and lack the confidence they need when taking the exam, even if they have studied sufficiently. Taking the test with a strong mentality will give you a much-needed ego boost when choosing answers on the multiple choice questions.



Getting a good night’s sleep can help students focus on exams. Instead of cramming, go sleep.

With these suggestions, you should feel more prepared to do well on their finals. Good luck.


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