“Oblivion”: hottest sci-fi film of summer 20131 min read

Soo Lee, Staff Writer

Joseph Kosinski, director of the Disney sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” delivers a new sci-fi adventure, visually stunning from start to finish.

Coupled with arguably the best performance from A-list actor Tom Cruise, who plays a technician who repairs drones in a post-apocalyptic world of human extinction, this film creates a futuristic universe so believably realistic that one might mistake it for reality.

Aside from its video game-like setting and plot, the film shines with Cruise’s true-to-character and serious acting, which fans last saw in “Minority Report.”

Cruise gives viewers the ‘Top Gun’ treatment by revisiting his jet flying and fighting days in this action-packed film.

Any tech and sci-fi junkie would appreciate this film to the fullest extent and be blown away by its mesmerizing visuals and equally remarkable film score.

“Oblivion” is one of the best sci-fi films out in theaters today, thus topping this week’s “Thing of the Week.”

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