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Euphrat Museum offers a dark, artistic perspective of American history, politics and culture

February 23, 2017


Jen Mhyre’s “1500 Stories Tall.” Photo by Anas Mustafa. De Anza students made their mark on the exhibit as well. Sociology professor Jennifer Myhre collaborated with her students to create a visual representation of economic inequality. Myhre’s class involves a project in which students take two pictures showing income inequality and submit them to her over instagram. “I have always taught economic inequality in my classes,” she said. “Lots of research shows that rising economic inequality undermines democracy.” She wants her students - and viewers - to look more closely at their environment, and to recognize the significant advantage and disadvantage that certain groups are in. Myhre uses a heavily outdated infographic to visually represent economic inequality to her students. Up to scale, it is three stories tall. A more recent infographic depicting the same inequality in 2013 is 1500 stories tall.

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