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November 18, 2015



Jerome LOL is the project of Los Angeles native, Jerome Potter who uses this counterpart to curate aesthetically avant-garde musical textures. His latest release “Deleted/Fool” is a compilation of R&B influenced house, heavy with dizzying dancehall rhythms and accented by singers Angelina Lucero and Sara Zagarino. From this release it can be concluded that Jerome LOL has established himself to be a great fit for Los Angeles-based label Friends of Friends as an artist with both context and ingenuity.

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PrintReminiscent of Voxtrot’s happy-go-lucky-mid-2000s-anthem ‘The Start of Something’, Joy Again oozes fuzz-friendly esthetics that are beautifully crafted into a jangle-pop masterpiece. Aside from their imminent debut release Looking Out For You (expected to drop on January 15th via Lucky Number records) Joy Again has very recently released a single from the EP, which bears the same name. In a press release, manager and XL/Godmode Records artist Shamir Bailey had the following to say about Joy Again: “[They are] extremely aware of the world around them, dangerously smart and super mature without leaving behind that playfulness that a lot of people lose once they start to enter adult life.” This is definitely a group to keep an eye on.

Songs to Listen to: Looking Out For You

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