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Now That’s Passion

Stacy Lane

It takes a certain type of passion for food in order to be at work by 6:30 every morning in order to feed 2,000 hungry people. Patrick Gannon is the man with that passion. As Director of the Campus Center for De Anza College, Gannon is responsible for the dining services, which means making sure that about 2,000 students and staff are well fed everyday.

Gannon’s duties as Campus Director range from general cafeteria responsibilities to catering for campus events. Not an easy task. Especially when maintaining the level of excellence that Gannon expects.

“It’s a lot of hard work,” he says. “But it’s worth it to make De Anza proud.”

The pride that he speaks of comes from winning top national recognition in the Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards, a feat that De Anza can attribute to Gannon’s hard work and passion for what he does.

The past few years in dining services at De Anza has seen several large improvements and renovations, with Patrick leading the way. A man who thrives on hard work and excellence saw the opportunity for De Anza to be a national leader in the food service industry and went about achieving it.

He personally helped design the new cafeteria layout, according to his extensive knowledge of food service. He spent hours researching local restaurants and tasting their menus (lucky guy) in order to bring back the best ideas to De Anza, and he also spent extra effort designing and making the menu boards in the cafeteria. All this extra effort and passion from Gannon, as well as the inspiration he lends his team, helped secure De Anza that national prize in food services.

Gannon’s passion for food and hospitality started early, and traveled with him to the several countries where he worked. Gannon grew up in Dublin, Ireland, where he went to Hospitality Management School. Experience as a chef was gathered in England, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and Bermuda; all places where Gannon has worked. Not only does he have an understanding for food, but he understands the business of food as well. When he was younger, he and his brothers opened their own restaurant, adding to his extensive experience.

Gannon has worked as executive chef for Stanford University, the director of food services at Caltech and Harvard Business School before being hired at De Anza.He likes it here the best because of the brilliantly upbeat, diverse, and enthusiastic culture. De Anza can plan on having a great Campus Center – and cafeteria food – for a long time, because Patrick Gannon plans on being here – as he puts it – “forever and ever and ever…”