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Why I love De Anza

Joanna Alday

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As a community college that continually ranks one of the top two in the state, there are plenty of reasons why De Anza rules all other colleges but one thing is definite, you are getting more than what you are paying for here.

Coming into De Anza, I was the average community college student that came into class, did my work then left for home, in that time of my college experience I was yet to realize how extraordinary De Anza is.

I realized it first in the convictions of all my professors and the enthusiasm of all the administrators.With an employment of around 900 diverse and dedicated faculty and staff, not only do these individuals strive for greatness in their own lives but also strive to ignite the same passion they have into De Anza’s more than 24,000 students.

Within that 24,000 is a group of unique and diverse personalities, it is undeniable right when you step foot on campus that De Anza is an institution made up of people from the around world, that itself is great symbolism of what De Anza can offer its students.

De Anza’s motto is “We’ll change your life, You’ll change the world” and through De Anza’s standard of quality education, high transfer rates and numerous success stories De Anza’s motto is proven true.

Majority of De Anza’s students come to succeed academically but what De Anza also offers is the knowledge that education is more than textbooks and study sessions.Life is about living and through De Anza’s vast number of extra curricular activities, De Anza helps you do exactly that.The cost of tuition is also hard to top. In comparison to a university, De Anza offers the same quality of education for students on a budget.

As a freshman my goal was to get out and start making something out of my life, little did I know that De Anza is where my life would start.

There are few things that people can argue about why they dislike De Anza but college and life in general is what you make out of it. De Anza is more than a community college, it is an institution structured on a foundation of passionate caring people.

For some, De Anza may not be the end of a student’s academic goal but it is the start of a extraordinary future.

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