November 21, 2016

1: Anti-Trump protesters carry signs denouncing Donald Trump’s presidency during protests on South Market street in downtown San Jose on Thursday, Nov. 10.
2: Kamonty Nave, 22, communications major, approaches an officer during the demonstration that followed nation-wide protests after Trump was announced president on Nov. 8.
3: SJPD officers attempt to guide demonstrators down streets.
4: “¡Si se puede!:” Protesters bearing flags representing Mexico, the U.S., and the LGBT community lead with chants popularized by Cesar Chavez and others calling for Trump’s removal as president.
5: A view from above: A protester climbs a lightpole and participates in chants in front of the Martin Luther King Library.
6: Protesters gather in front of the Martin Luther King Library and discuss organizing and supporting at the community level.
7,8: SJPD officers block traffic in both directions as demonstrators march onto Highway 87, briefly shutting it down.
9: Anti-Trump protesters confront SJPD officers blocking off streets and diverting traffic.

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