Mariah Bravo & Soo Lee, Editor in Chief, Staff Writer

A member of the DASB Senate made allegations about sex and alcohol used in the Senate offices, as well as violations against Brown Act, in a letter distributed at a senate meeting Wednesday.

Daniel Kim, chair of environmental sustainability, handed out a six-page document with specific allegations against some of his fellow senate members along with a letter describing his personal dissatisfaction with management of the senate.

The meeting was about to end when Kim distributed the letter. Senators did not discuss the letter, nor did Kim explain it publically.

Kim was not available for comment before La Voz’s deadline Friday.

In the documents were several allegations accusing specific senate members of violating the DASB and Foothill-De Anza District code of conduct.

When asked on Thursday to comment on the Senate’s reaction to the claims, DASB Senate president Pablo Zamorano said the senate will “move forward.”

He made several comments and immediately asked they be taken off the record. He said he was uncomfortable with his original response.

On the record, he said, “Obviously it’s on some people’s minds, but no one is avoiding the office. It is going to be dealt with as deemed appropriate.” He added, “We only have five more weeks to go…” The new 2013-2014 senate will be sworn in June 5.

Zamorano said that the meeting was an inappropriate venue for Kim to express his concerns. Zamorano said he was uncertain as to whether the allegations would be investigated or who would lead an investigation.

Dean of EOPS and Student Development Michele Lebleu-Burns, asked about any possible investigations of the allegations, said, “If any issue violates the student code of conduct I would be the one investigating, but I cannot provide any comments at this time.”

Lebleu-Burns had no comment about whether there will be repercussions for Kim’s actions.

She said if in any case there is an infringement of the Code of Conduct made by a senate member it “is a confidential matter between the student and the college.”

When Zamorano was asked if he was interested in stating a message to the De Anza College student body about the matter Zamorano replied, “Senate elections are coming up.” Elections will be held online from May 15 to May 26.

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