DASB SENATE: Ouster attempt thwarted2 min read

Soo Lee, Staff Writer

The president of the DASB senate led an effort to oust a fellow senator from his position at the senate meeting on April 24.

Pablo Zamorano, president of the DASB senate, and four other senators mounted a failed attempt to remove Calvin Ching from his position as chair of administration, citing concerns that Ching was not fulfilling his responsibilities.

“I feel he is perfectly capable, I just think that his priority as a chair, he was failing sometimes to come forward, to fulfill on those responsibilities,” Zamorano said during an hour of contentious deliberations in which several members questioned if senate bylaws were followed.

Ching challenged the proposal, claiming it violated bylaws and the senate’s constitution, and maintained that he did not break any rules or codes of conduct.

“As far as I’m concerned, I think I’ve done my job to the best of my ability … but I definitely think there is room for improvement,” Ching said after the meeting.

The proposal failed after an 13-8 vote.

“There’s no hard feelings between me and Calvin,” Zamorano said after the meeting.

“I think he’s going to improve. I think this is his final wake-up call,” he said.  “Even if I’m president, I don’t get to decide what to do .”


Zamorano said that the meeting was an inappropriate venue for Kim to express his concerns. Zamorano said he was uncertain as to weather the allegations would be investigated or who would lead an investigation.


Dean of EOPS and Student Development Michele Lebleu-Burns, asked about any possible investigations of the allegations, said, “If any issue violates the student code of conduct I would be the one investigating, but I cannot provide any comments at this time.”


Lebleu-Burns had no comment as to whether there were any repercussions for Kim’s actions.


She said if in any case there is an infringement of the Code of Conduct made by a senate member it “is a confidential matter between the student and the college.”


When Pablo was asked if he was interested in stating a message to the De Anza College student body about the matter Zamorano replied, “Senate elections are coming up.” Elections will be held online from May 15 to May 26.


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