Drawing: Severus Jo’iinn navigates life freely through art2 min read


Dominique Evangelista

Severus Jo’iinn, 19, psychology major has created art since he was two. His work “Those Summer Nights” is on display at the Euphrat Museum.

Dominque Evangelista, Staff Reporter

Moving to California from Michigan was difficult, but may have saved his life, said Severus Jo’iinn, 19, psychology major.

Jo’iinn moved to the Bay Area when he was 13. He said he is happy in California and grateful for the move that helped him through tough times.

Jo’iinn’s drawing “Those Summer Nights” is on display at the Euphrat Museum. He described it as a comical drawing of a trans male modeled after himself about “reclaiming personal power.”

Jo’iinn began drawing before he was two. He began reading at a college level in seventh grade, but struggled with spelling and grammar which affected his writing abilities. He self-diagnosed himself with dysgraphia and found that drawing allowed him to stay involved in class and recall lectures better.

“When I’m at school I’m always doing art, so I just always have a lot of practice,” Jo’iinn said.

Jo’iinn said he likes to draw landscapes, animals, people and currently, trans people.

“I find trans people to be beautiful and compelling,” he said. “Very commonly there’s only one type of art that trans people are allowed to exist in which is pornography, mostly by non-trans.”

Jo’iinn said it is important that he portrays trans individuals with humanity and empathy.

“I understand that as an artist, when you put artwork out there, you don’t have control over people’s perception, but you can influence it,” Jo’iinn said.

As a trans male, Jo’iinn said he faces danger and has a new set of standards that limit his ways of expressing affection.

Jo’iinn said that art will always be a passion in his life, even if his career does not involve art.

“I try to claim space through my art,” Jo’iinn said. “That’s where it’s safest for me. I don’t have to reveal anything about who I am unless I want to.”

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