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Last Monday evening I had just finished teaching and was walking to my car. As I walked past the back of the administration building, I noticed a red Prius (license number 6KVB165) parked on the walkway behind the administration building partially blocking the walkway.

I found a student security officer and suggested that he ticket the car, as it was violating De Anza parking regulations. When I gave the security officer the license number, he said that it was Brian Murphy’s Prius, and security officers had been told not to ticket the president’s car. The student security officer did not say who had applied the pressure not to ticket Murphy’s car, but he did say that he felt uncomfortable not being able to consistently enforce De Anza’s parking regulations.

Murphy and some other De Anza administrators routinely park their cars for long periods of time on the walkway behind the administration building in violation of parking regulations. And Murphy even has two “President Only” parking spaces elsewhere on campus. Upper level administrators ought not to be able to rely on their positions of power to evade De Anza’s parking regulations.


Steven Rappaport


Economics Department

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