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November 15, 2015

Chrome Sparks: Brooklyn producer Jeremy Malvin’s project Chrome Sparks is definitely ranked as one of my favorites. The classically trained percussionist and multi-talented synth wizard is signed to the Australia based label Future Classic and has produced for artists such as Flume and Jaime XX. Malvin creates electronic music that interprets and expands emotional depth that many artists today seem to lack. It’s not how danceable or hard a particular track goes, rather it’s how it sounds and Malvin delivers permeating vibrations that tug on your strings whether you like it or not. He specializes in composing magisterial landscapes that elates the listener, drawing them into a paradigm filled with ominous, cathartic crescendos and incandescent showers of synths and eerie vocals. The niche of his experimental electronica is quite something else; the manner in which he constructs his music reminds me of a composer from the classical era who somehow got his hands on a fully equipped

Check out his stupid, hot fire channel on Soundcloud, follow him on Facebook, and for the love of god, go see him live. You will be hard pressed to find another musician who can captivate and enchant a crowd the way he can. His newest EP, Parallelism, is expected to release on the 13th of November.

Songs to Listen To: Marijuana, Goddess, Lost in the Chrome Forest, Ride the White Lightning

File Next To: Giraffage, XXYYXX, Purity Ring, Com Truise

Tags: ambient, experimental, electronic

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