Letter to the editor: Kudos on coverage of DASB Senate meetings1 min read

Priscilla Suyanto

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Thank you for covering the news on “DASB Senate meeting erupts into chaos”.

It gives information to students in De Anza on how the Senate works and where the money we are giving are actually being used.

It had intrigued me that the committee is not using its full potential to make student’s lives better here at De Anza.

I think that they should set aside their differences and debate well for their points, because arguments and calling on each other will only lead to nothing resolved and left bad impressions of the student committee on students.

I agree with the people who resigned as I was interning in DASB before and I decided not to run and intern anymore.

There was just nothing ever being done effectively and most of meetings are just a waste of time, going circles and circles on a subject.

I am very disappointed on how the senators are addressing problems. I am also disappointed on the student trustee who failed to understand the complexity on how the budgets are for these things.

Both parties should take time to present and listen on what each other had to say and it would had lead to a conclusion where both parties would accept.

Maybe the student trustee could be explained on the budgets and the senate can compromise and do what they can.

I know that DASB should be able to pool some extra money from other departments.

The DNE departments for example had too much money and are confused what they should do with the money.

The way the senate handles the problem is pathetic since it chooses to just forget about it and go to the next subject of meeting.

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