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Letter to the editor: Election results on college students

Lucas Cook

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Dear La Voz,

What did the election results mean to college students?

Many friends of mine at different state universities report peaceful protest of Trump being elected for president.

The reason why they did is might have to do the fact that they feel like their voice is not being heard and that they are uncertain about their future.

College students nowadays are part of the biggest generation U.S have ever seen, even bigger than the baby boomers.

They feel like older generation is only looking out for themselves and remain conservative while our generation want our country to be more progressive.

Anxiety is the perfect word to describe what college students are feeling that a Trump Presidency during the time where students are about to start their career.

What if we have another recession and recent grads are not going to be able find a job?

These are the same thoughts I’ve been having since Trump got elected.

What are some benefits or counseling that De Anza has to offer to student like us?

Thank you for your time.

Best, Lucas Cook

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