Frank Ocean single disappointing2 min read

Siddarth Srivastava, Staff Reporter

Frank Ocean is one of the greatest hidden gems I’ve ever discovered, though his newly released single “DHL” is not representative of his artistry.

Ocean’s style is exactly what I look for when I listen to music and he has made some of my all time favorite songs.

His most recent album, “Blonde,” was released in 2016 and it was an absolute masterpiece including a fan-favorite song “White Ferrari.”

Ocean’s newly released single “DHL” in comparison to his previous work bores. This single is simply not up to par with any of the singles on “Blonde,” nor representative of what he can do.

“DHL” is a decent song, but not something extraordinary that’s worthy of putting on repeat. The single consists of a spacey and relaxed sounds but are repetitive and dull.

The lyrics also hint this single may have been pulled out from his archives, which is possibly why it’s substandard.

Ocean’s beautiful melodies and unique artistry when it comes to beats and rhythms are what you expect, but he fails to deliver. Listener’s really want something that expands the limits of their auditory perception, hence the disappointment.

“DHL” is still a track that is identifiable as an Ocean single, though his lyrics are hard to understand and don’t seem particularly meaningful. Currently, it doesn’t feel like Ocean at his best.

The intro and general rhythm don’t let down, but are not outstanding. The single is similar to that of “Chanel,” though it had a hint of versatile beats and lyrics that made sense, making it the perfect warm-up track for “Blonde.”

This song might be on a potential album to come and regardless of my opinions I am beyond excited to give it a listen.

Overall it’s simply not on the same level as the songs from “Blonde,” but worth a listen if you’re an Ocean fan.

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