Fortnite, a new chapter2 min read

Alex Woolner, Staff Reporter

Fortnite Chapter 2 is a fun and popular battle-royale style game where players are dropped out of a flying bus and can land anywhere on the map to scramble for guns and begin fighting. It’s an enjoyable pastime and has easy mechanics.

I was surprised when I first played Fortnite Chapter 2 because the first new mechanic drops you into a solo game after launching.

The graphics have also improved immensely. The new map is very clean compared to the old map, with new areas to explore.

Not only has the map improved graphic-wise, the amount of experience points you earn pops up as text and it has a very sharp, pleasing font.

The entirety of the map is dark except for question marks that take the place of undiscovered towns. You can gain experience by discovering new areas.

In place of the other vehicles that used to be in the game there are now armed speed boats you can use. They are even usable on land, although you need to rely on the turbo boost to get anywhere with good speed.

The boats are also equipped with a missile launcher that lock on to the point the crosshair was at when it was fired.

In addition to these new features there’s now a badge punch card that fills up with different activities, like gather a certain amount of supplies. Once filled it gives you an amount of bonus experience and refreshes daily.

The game now has a fishing mechanic. There are fishing spots in the rivers and oceans where you can fish and catch short-frys which can be eaten for health.

A very likeable new feature, in comparison to the previous Fortnite, is being able to ready up for a new game after dying without going back to the lobby.

There is also an experience bar at the bottom of the players screen to help you keep track of your level. It helps you keep track of the progress you make during a game.

At the end of the round, or whenever you die, there is also a tally of all the experience points that you earned during the game.

Overall, very fitting improvements and new features in terms of demographic.


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