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‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ masterfully concludes the tale of dragons

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‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ masterfully concludes the tale of dragons




Erin Curley, Staff Reporter

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“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” triumphs in animation and music coupled with a star-studded cast that illustrates a mythical world of dragons. It is the third and final installment of the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ trilogy.

Based on Cressida Cowell’s children’s series, the artists from DreamWorks Animation brought to life a ferocious battle for the freedom of the dragons and their rights to exist.

The opening scene reveals a misty Scandinavian landscape that includes dragons and vikings. Panning from a breathtaking aurora borealis to the subtle reflection in a character’s eye, the animators deliver a stunning performance that is both effortless and awe-inspiring.

The soundtrack weaves between scenes and guides the audience through each of the plot’s tensions.

Since the original movie’s release in 2010, Hiccup and his band of misfits captured the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike. In this movie, the synergy between the cast evolved to further amplify the romance, awkwardness and brilliantly placed comedic relief.

Each character has individual quirks and mannerisms that provide comedic relief and deliver outstanding acting and voice performances, despite it being an animated movie.

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World,” distinguishes itself as a force that grapples with the complexities of friendship, morality and greed with its comedic and dramatic direction for the plot.

But there are scenes that are drawn out beyond their tension perhaps to further show the majesty of the animation. This slows down the pace of the movie and drags it out longer than it needs to be.

This movie is recommended to anyone looking for a beautifully rendered rollercoaster ride of nostalgia and tension. Any fan of the mythological dragons will enjoy watching “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World,” as it delivers an inspiring and satisfactory conclusion to the series.


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