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Vegan place worth the trip to Santa Cruz

December 1, 2017

Being vegan is more than just a fad; it’s a philosophy. Some restaurants uphold this philosophy not just to accommodate for the lifestyle of vegan customers from a business point of view, but to welcome vegans a safe space.

Located in downtown Santa Cruz, Betty’s Noodle provides a lot of vegan options and a chill vibe. Almost every noodle on the menu board, placed right across the entrance, can be ordered as a vegan or vegetarian order.

The restaurant is owned by a family who migrated from Korea. Oriental art and artifacts which create an authentic ambience from its history and culture cover the restaurant and it provides an experience that is closely reminiscent of being in a local restaurant in Hong Kong.

The ambience is complemented by the tasty aroma of spices and herbs, that would make hungry for a good noodle experience.

Customers are welcomed in the restaurant by a big board, right on the entrance where patrons can choose what they want, with vegan options clearly listed.

The family who owns the restaurant can be seen working hard. It is a minimalist restaurant for someone who does not like being pestered by constant services, and a good place to hang out with friends without being interrupted. Usually students from UC Santa Cruz are found chatting about their projects and politics as the prices are very reasonable for the quality of food being provided.

The mouthwatering aroma of the food instantly invokes hunger and the appealing color incites feeling of happiness. It is a challenge to describe how the food feels as it a wholesome experience more than just taste for our tongue. All of the sense tingling at once making the experience hard to describe in words. Isolating only one sense to write about would only be unjustifiable. The spice and the heat of the noodles are somewhat overwhelming at time cause sensory overload that makes you want to take a break, but you just cannot stop eating.

After finishing the bowl anyone will be wanting for more even with full stomach.

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