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DA Voices: what is the biggest challenge to your academic goals?1 min read


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Antoinique Smith, 42, Sociology

Trying to raise a family and attend college at the same time while also being a mom and wife and a college student. I’m not only educating myself, but I have children who are getting their education. I’m doing a balancing act, balancing school, parenthood and being a wife.

Omeed Taghipour, 21, Theater and arts

It’s procrastination… sometimes I always prioritize other things like gymming over education, it’s kind of a bad habit. My major doesn’t have too much homework, so procrastination is definitely one of my major obstacles. I saw the schedule for anti-procrastination workshops, but it’s just right in between my classes, otherwise I would’ve gone for it.

Denise Tai, 19, English

I think the biggest obstacle is myself. I find it very difficult to concentrate sometimes and I get distracted easily. I wanna transfer to UCLA, but it is really competitive. I need to focus on my studies, but I get distracted easily.

Allen Tong, 21, Neuroscience

I think it mostly has to do with finances, public funds for school materials.

Gursewak Randhawa, 21, Computer Science

Getting the work done on time, I guess. I wait ’til the last minute to turn it in or do it … literally the last second.

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