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Andrew Puckett, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to school, De Anza students!  Summer has finally come to a close and the time to hit the books has returned.  If any of you are like me, this is a rather difficult pill to swallow.  The days of sleeping in until noon, the nights of staying up until sunrise with friends… why can’t summer last all year?

Well, my friends, it’s because it is time again to educate and elevate ourselves to prepare for the future.  It is time to realize our dreams and continue working towards becoming the individuals that we want to be.   De Anza College is the perfect place to do just that.  

For those of you who are joining us for the first time, I am very pleased to inform you that nearly $500 million dollars has been raised over the past decade to improve the De Anza campus.  In a time when other colleges in California are struggling with money, it is inspiring to see a community which has decided to stand together and send a message that education is still a top priority. 

For those returning students, you may notice a few changes around campus.  Construction companies have been diligently working throughout the summer quarter to build us a better school, one that is more energy efficient and easier to access for those with disabilities.  Among many other things, new solar arrays have been erected over parking lots A and B, and pathways across campus have been rebuilt to better comply with ADA standards.

With all of the outstanding work occurring around us, it is easy to understand that De Anza is a special place.  This college stands as a thriving center of knowledge here in the Silicon Valley and produces students with growing potential, and the community in which it resides has shown it’s desire to foster that growth. 

I have a few pieces of advice to share, learned through my own experiences here on campus.  They may seem simple, yet each has vastly improved my personal college experience.

First, get involved. Don’t simply slip into class then sneak out the back door when the professor is done teaching.  Ask questions.  Talk to those around you.  Make friends with the students next to you.  Join a club that interests you.  You will be amazed at how quickly your time at school is enhanced when you break down the wall of shyness and recognize the wealth of diversity that surrounds you.  Becoming a part of campus life alongside your fellow students is just as important in your educational career as going to class and earning good grades.

Second, never turn down an opportunity.  If you are offered a position of leadership, invited to a club meeting, or simply see someone who might need directions around campus, jump on the opportunity!  You will never know what lies behind a closed door if you fail to open it.  College isn’t only about learning facts and skills; it is also about pushing childhood boundaries and comfort levels that will eventually transform you into an adult.  By allowing situations to unfold around you, life has a chance to sweep you up and take you to new and exciting places.

I have been here at De Anza for almost three years now and fully regret how long it took me to become active and engaged on campus.  When I joined the La Voz newspaper staff earlier this year, my life at De Anza finally began.  Campus suddenly had a magnetic force over me; I would rarely want to leave.  The people I have met along the way and the events I have taken part in have opened my eyes to an entirely different aspect of this school that I failed to realize had been there since I first stepped on campus.

So as the quarter progresses, allow yourself to become immersed in De Anza College.  Become a part of the culture.  Leave your mark behind for others to remember.  By doing so you may find yourself leaving here with more than just an education; you’ll be leaving here with the memories of a life experience.


Andrew Puckett


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