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Civic Engagement Work


 La Voz News Civic Engagement Opportunity: Journalism and Democracy


 Guaranteed 12 hours where you can learn about the need for journalism in democracy.

The Washington Post’s famous slogan is “democracy dies in darkness” and indeed a democracy without a free press is arguably not a democracy at all. The news media are essential components of a thriving democracy, serving as a watchdog or unofficial fourth estate to report on the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. In a microcosm, La Voz News media report on the governance of De Anza College, as well as life on campus. A strong campus media is essential in creating a strong campus community where each student’s voice is heard.
Typical volunteer activities include: Engaging with students live and in social media to promote readership, learning hands-on about news values and the watchdog function, locating interesting stories of campus diversity and attending editor-run workshops and discussions on media and politics. As well, students will collect statistical polling data and survey data.




Contact for Journalism and Democracy:


Cecilia Deck








Student Director:


Neil McClintick


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