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DASG meets and disqualifies presidential candidate Nathan Ngo

DASG presidential candidate accused of racist rhetoric is disqualified, Anahi Ruvalcaba wins

Mathew Bejarano, Reporter | March 24, 2021
The De Anza Student Government met for the last time this quarter to approve the elections committee’s decision to disqualify DASG presidential candidate Khoa-Nathan Ngo.
Election complaints against Khoa-Nathan Ngo.

DASB presidential candidate appeals decision to disqualify him amid allegations of racism

Mathew Bejarano, Reporter | March 15, 2021
Former De Anza Student Body senator and presidential candidate Khoa-Nathan Ngo appealed the Elections Committee's decision to disqualify him from the presidential campaign in a March 10 meeting.
Screenshots of Messenger and Discord chats with Khoa-Nathan Ngo. They were submitted to the DASB as evidence of

DASB senator resigns amid allegations of racist comments

Manveen Kaur Anand, News Editor | March 9, 2021
De Anza Student Body senator and presidential candidate Khoa-Nathan Ngo resigned from his position on March 5 after senators alleged “threatening” behavior.
The person behind the position: a deeper look at DASB presidential candidates

The person behind the position: a deeper look at DASB presidential candidates

Michael Davis, Reporter | March 1, 2021
As De Anza Student Body elections progress, students are looking for a candidate they can trust as president. Beyond the positions they are running on, here is a glimpse of who they are.
Candidates meet on Zoom in forum and debate

DASB candidates discuss goals if elected in forum and debate

Mathew Bejarano, Reporter | March 1, 2021
De Anza Student Body candidates reflected on their ambitions in a candidates’ forum and presidential debate on Feb. 24.
De Anza students and staff reflect on Trump's final days

De Anza students and staff reflect on Trump’s final days

Mathew Bejarano, Staff Reporter | January 19, 2021

As Donald Trump’s presidency comes to an end, De Anza College students and staff reflect on his norm-breaking term. Braden Micik, a 19-year-old environmental science major, said that Trump's actions...

After a tight presidential race led to Joe Biden becoming the president-elect, De Anza College students reflect on this election cycle.

Students reflect on election year after Biden presidential win

Sam Lai, Staff Reporter | November 12, 2020
Four days after election day, news organizations determined Joe Biden as the president-elect. This ended one of the most unusual election years and De Anza College students have mixed feelings about it. 
International students voice concerns over the upcoming election.

Presidential election worries international students about future of student status

Ella Shih, Staff Reporter | November 1, 2020

As the presidential election draws closer, De Anza College international students share similar sentiments of dissatisfaction and fear about the Trump administration’s past four years.   The...

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice on Oct. 27.

De Anza College students, faculty concerned over Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation

Ella Shih, Staff Reporter | November 1, 2020

De Anza College students and staff said they are concerned over the future of healthcare and women’s rights because of the recent confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Oct. 27.    With...

Around 42% of students respondents reported that they did not want to watch the last round of presidential debates, with only 12.5% of student watchers reporting they enjoyed the debate.

Presidential debate cycle falls flat for De Anza College students

Courtney Guetschow, Reporter | October 25, 2020
For the final round of presidential debates, a De Anza College Reddit community poll, conducted by La Voz, was taken gauging student interest and thoughts about the debate.
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