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Letter to the editor: People’s political power

James Naung

December 3, 2016

Thank you for the coverage of the news on the presidential election. Even though the election is now over, there is still the sense of chaos in the atmosphere. People are still protesting in cities across the United States and the case of electing Donald Trump as president has not been settled. The...

Letter to the editor: Bias plagues Wikipedia

Kentaro Sugita

December 3, 2016

Dear Ms. Penrod, I'm a Japanese international student at De Anza College. I read your article which is about the use of Wikipedia for academic research. As three interviewees insisted in the article, I disagree with using Wikipedia for an academic purpose because Wikipedia is not written by...

Letter to the editor: Kudos on coverage of DASB Senate meetings

Priscilla Suyanto

December 3, 2016

Thank you for covering the news on "DASB Senate meeting erupts into chaos". It gives information to students in De Anza on how the Senate works and where the money we are giving are actually being used. It had intrigued me that the committee is not using its full potential to make student's lives...

Letter to the editor: The terror of semester system

Joan Tessalonika

December 3, 2016

My first thought after reading this was, yes, we should do semester system if we want to drive students away. Not all students who go to De Anza are over-achievers who want to graduate earlier. A part of the students population consists of part-time students who have to juggle between family life...

Letter to the editor: Election results on college students

Lucas Cook

December 3, 2016

Dear La Voz, What did the election results mean to college students? Many friends of mine at different state universities report peaceful protest of Trump being elected for president. The reason why they did is might have to do the fact that they feel like their voice is not being heard and...

Letter to the editor: Thanks for the Black Mirror review

Boya Liu

December 3, 2016

Dear Editor, I am writing to thank you for the recommendation of the recent TV series Black Mirror. It has become one of my favorite series. Black Mirror is just like a series of satirical yet alarming modern parables. I simply couldn’t get enough of its pungent sarcasm. Black Mirror is not...

Letter to the Editor: Quarter system makes De Anza unique

Qiying Wu

December 3, 2016

I think quarter system is what made De Anza unique from other colleges. Quarter system gives students more choice about taking classes. Imagine we choose some classes in the spring quarter and we don't like them, it would be great if it is quarter system, it wouldn't be long and we can make new...

Letter to the editor: Wikipedia summarizes information

Yuqing Chen

December 3, 2016

Lots of students are wondering know is Wikipedia a good resource for academic research. From my point of view, Wikipedia is good resource to get basic concepts and ideas about the phrases, but it is not good for academic research. Wikipedia summarize the information of phrases to the public, and...

Letter to the Editor: Wikipedia can help students

Yurika Sakamoto

December 3, 2016

Hi Ms. Penrod, Thank you for covering the topic about Wikipedia. I do use it even though all professors at school insist not to use it as sources in academic research. It helps me a lot especially when I have no clue at all about the topic which I have to write a long essay about. I can get...

Commending your paper (La Voz)

Greg Druehl, Political Science Faculty

November 20, 2016

Editor: Just a note to commend you on your recent issue (Oct. 10) of La Voz. I am currently spending time in my U.S. Government and Politics class (Poli 1) discussing the importance of the press in a democracy. Your october 10 issue is certainly a fine example of the press helping to inform the reade...