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All-gender restrooms: No thanks

Ron Kleinman, De Anza employee
December 11, 2015
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Regarding the front page opinion piece “All-gender restrooms: Why not?” by Duane Soubirous in the Nov. 16 issue of La Voz: It was not surprising to me that this article was written by a male student. I was particularly struck by the phrase “I enjoyed the ability to hold a conversation with my...

International students need competitive campus jobs

Cassandra Lim
December 11, 2015
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I am writing to express my concerns about limited job opportunities for international students at De Anza College. I am a De Anza international student and I really enjoy the way things work here in the school environment. International students are restricted to on-campus employment and are not permitted to wor...

Texas takes second amendment too far

Texas takes second amendment too far

Brian F. Rose
June 19, 2015
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Dear Editor, I agree with your editorial on the new Texas Gun Law. As a liberal Republican I am appalled that the legislature would pass and the governor would sign into law a bill allowing a person to carry a concealed handgun on to the University of Texas campus. Are they out of their minds? The last thing I want is for someone other then a trained peace office...

A call for political action against Bill Cosby when he speaks at Flint

Gary Wesley, 62, La Voz Weekly Reader
February 18, 2015
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Dear Editor, I see online that Bill Cosby is now scheduled to appear at the Flint Center on Sunday, June 7. Cosby has been accused of drugging and attacking girls and women for decades (1965-2008 so far). While it may be too late to criminally prosecute or civilly sue Cosby, why would community...

Letter to the editor

Leonard Del Rosario, De Anza student
February 2, 2015
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Dear Editor, As a recent college student graduate, I found it hard to budget the bills that I needed to pay in my college career. The minimum wage is a bare minimum that college students can hardly live off of. Raising the minimum wage can rectify this issue; however, our government lacks the initiative...

Letter to the Editor: Jubilee solution would eliminate student loan crisis

Robert A. Dahlquist
November 3, 2014
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Dear Letters Editor: Following the Lehman banking debacle of 2008, the government sponsored bailout of Too Big to Fail banks did nothing to stimulate the economy because 70 percent of the economy is consumer driven. The only way to stimulate the economy is to eliminate consumer debt. The U.S. economy...

Letter to the Editor

Brandon P. Hansen, De Anza student
October 6, 2014
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I grabbed a copy of your paper as I headed home from my first day of class. Scanning the front page, I was intrigued by the “By the Numbers” box at the bottom. I was looking forward to reading your “ANALYSIS: APPLE EVENT AT FLINT CENTER” once I got home. Imagine my disappointment upon finishing...

Letter to the editor 2/10/14

Jaime Johnson, De Anza Sudent
February 11, 2014
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I’m writing this letter in reference to the article that was published in the Jan 27 issue of La Voz Weekly entitled “Online classes not revolutionary” by Krystal Alvarado. I feel that the author had a negative experience with a single online class, and has dismissed the entire online education...

Letter to the Editor – Jan. 27, 2014

Will Wang, De Anza Student
January 26, 2014
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I am a student at De Dirty College. I mean De Anza College. Every day as I walk from the parking lot to my classes, the parking structure’s floor is covered with trash and filth! I can spot meal bags and wrappers from local fast food restaurants scatted all over the floor. It is filthy and disgusting...

Protect against sexual assault

December 2, 2013
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In wake of the recent alleged sexual assault on campus, many students are left feeling unsafe, and even a little on edge. In light of this situation, most people should be aware that unfortunate situations like this do occur, and it could even happen to you. The most valuable lesson, a person can take...